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Miscellaneous Mounting Grommets, Brackets & Accessories

  • A33GB is PVC grommet for flush mount of 33/35 series lights; grommet provides shock mount to lengthen life of light
  • BK42CB offers added protection for oblong, surface mount marker lights
  • BK66DB offers added protection for MCL66 series lights
  • A40SRB secures lens of ST series lights

MATERIALSA33GB PVC, BK42CB steel, BK66DB aluminum, A40SRB metal
WT/DIMSVarious - see drawings


Color Bulk Polypack Diodes Description Qty
A33GB A33GBP PVC grommet for 4" x 6" lights, flush mount 50
BK42CB BK42CBP Steel mounting bracket for surface mount marker lights, chrome plated 100
A40SRB A40SRBP Snap retention ring for ST40 series lights 100
BK66DB BK66DBP Heavy duty armored base for MCL66 series lights; die cast metal 50
A11SRB A11SRBP Stainless steel locking ring for MCL11S lights 100
A0028CRB A0028CRBP Chrome snap-on bezel for MCL0028 series lights 50
BK20BB BK20BBP Mounting bracket kit for UCL20/21/22/23 series light bars 25