Mounting & Wiring Accessories


Miscellaneous Mounting Bases and Bezels

Chrome finish plastic mounting bases and bezels available for several light series

WT/DIMSVarious - see drawings


Color Bulk Polypack Diodes Description Qty
A09BB A09BBP UCL09 trim ring, black 50
A09CB A09CBP UCL09 trim ring, chrome 50
A09WB A09WBP UCL09 trim ring, white 50
A13C2B A13C2BP MCL/UCL13 base/bezel, chrome 100
A13B2B A13B2BP MCL/UCL13 base/bezel, black 100
A15BB A15BBP MCL15 base/bezel, black 100
A15CB A15CBP MCL15 base/bezel, chrome 100
A21CHB A21CHBP ILL21 bezel, chrome 25
A21WB A21WBP ILL21 bezel, white 25
A48CB A48CBP MCL48 & MCL73 bezel, chrome 50
A69CB A69CBP STL69 & MCL70 base/bezel, chrome 10
A69RXCB A69RXCBP STL69RRXB base/bezel, chrome 10
A79CB A79CBP MCL78/88 and STL79/80/89/90 series base/bezel, chrome 10
A68SSB A68SSBP Stainless steel snap-on trim ring for STL68RB 20
00212717B 00212727P M5 Series chrome bezel (polypack case quantity: 20) 500
00212317B 00212327P M1 Series chrome bezel (polypack case quantity: 20) 200
00212117B 00212127P M4 Series chrome bezel (polypack case quantity: 20) 70
00212217B 00212227P M3 Series chrome bezel (polypack case quantity: 20) 500
A06TR A06TRP White Trim Ring 50
A71CCBWAN A71CCBWANP Chrome finish plastic base and bezel for ILL71CBAWN 10
A71CBAWN A71CBAWNP Chrome finish plastic base for ILL71CBAWN 10
A13B210B A13B210BP MCL/UCL13 base/bezel, matte black, fits #10 screw 100
A41CBB A41CBBP Black plastic bezel for UCL41B 50
A41CRB A41CRBP Chrome Plastic Bezel for UCL41CB 50
A211CB1 A211CB1P Chrome snap-on bezel for STL211 series lights 25
A64CRB A64CRBP Chrome base for STL264/64 series lights 50
A71C1BAWN A71C1BAWNP Chrome finish plastic base for ILL71C1BAWN 25