LED Stop/Turn/Tail Lights


FLEET Count™ LEDCombination Tail Lights

  • Stud mount stop/turn/tail lights with built-in back-up light and reflex
  • Choose from Optronics® LED 52-diode and FLEET Count™ 15-diode tail lights
  • Hard wired; wire exits through back of housing
  • Includes ground wire

FMVSSA I6 (2)R S2 (3)T
MATERIALSAcrylic lens, plastic housing
VOLT/AMP12.8VDC - Tail .015A, Stop/Turn .17A, Back-up .32A
WT/DIMS.882 lb. / 5.813” x 6.75” x 2.688”
WARRANTYLifetime LED Warranty


Color Bulk Polypack Diodes Description Qty
STL61RB STL61RBP 15 Combination stop/turn/tail/back-up light, hard wired, passenger side 5
STL61RLB STL61RLBP 18 Combination stop/turn/tail/back-up/license light, hard wired, passenger side 5