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August 06, 2013
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Optronics Uses GloLight Technology to Create New High-Style LED
Lighting Category for Light- and Medium-Duty Trailers
As the primary lighting supplier for most marine, livestock, utility and cargo trailers,
Optronics uses patent-pending innovation to excite OEMs and increase aftermarket sales.
TULSA, Okla., USA (Dec. 18, 2012)–Optronics International, the nation's leading manufacturer and supplier of light- and medium-duty trailer lighting, announced that it will soon begin shipping 14 new GloLight-equipped LED lamps. A GloLight solution is now available for all light- and medium-duty trailer applications, and the eye-catching lamps will begin enhancing newly manufactured vehicles and retail shelves within approximately 30 days.

The uniquely different LED lamps establish a new high-style lighting category in the light- and medium-duty trailer marketplace. Until now, OEMs, retailers and trailer owners alike had just two lamp categories to choose from: incandescent and LED. Drab, traditional incandescent lamps are quickly giving way to new, longer-lasting LED lamps, but the visual presentation of trailer lighting has remained essentially limited to these two styles for years.

Trailer owners often like to personalize their vehicles, and Optronics' patent-pending GloLight optical diffusion technology has created a new genre of lamp that stands out from anything else on the road. The FMVSS 108 compliant lamps combine light diffusing material that gives them a distinctive, smooth, brightly glowing appearance on one portion of the lens, contrasting with dual-function LEDs with traditional bright spots of illumination on another.

"The uniqueness of the new GloLight lamps puts them in a class of their own, and one that will drive foot traffic, retail sales and higher margins," Brett Johnson, president and CEO of Optronics International, said. "This product will have a positive merchandising impact on a broad array of retail trailer lighting planogram strategies."

Optronics is supporting its retail channel partners by enabling the lamps to sell themselves, with stand-alone, interactive "try me" packaging that allows consumers to experience the unprecedented visual appeal created by the GloLight lamps. The push-button-activated packages are available for the TLL112RK flush-mount, six-inch oval LED lamps and the TLL190RK waterproof, universal LED combination tail lamps. The lighting sets include two lamps and applicable mounting hardware.

"The GloLight concept is a radical departure from any other vehicle lighting out there; it really just changes the entire equation," Billy Thompson, special markets manager for O'Reilly Auto Parts, said. "It's this type of forethought, innovation and responsiveness that has made Optronics a serious contender in HD trailers and the dominant player in the light- and medium-duty trailer market space."

Optronics is North America's largest lighting manufacturer and supplier for light- and medium-duty trailers. In addition to serving the industry's most extensive aftermarket distribution network, the company supplies the majority of the largest trailer manufacturers as well. The introduction of the new lamp offering is expected to influence new trailer lighting designs in the near and foreseeable future.

"These new GloLight lamps provide us with a simple, yet noticeable way to visually differentiate our products from our competition, and that brings value to us, our dealers and the end-user," Michael Terry, president of Cimarron Trailers, Inc., said. "These lamps have really grabbed our attention, and we believe that they're going to do the same thing throughout the industry."

The 14 new trailer lamps are just a sample of the 35 new GloLight products that Optronics currently has slated for introduction within the next six months. The company’s customers believe that the GloLight lamps are destined to permanently change the look of vehicle lighting.

The new 12-Volt lamps come with a lifetime warranty, and lenses and housings are made of durable polycarbonate material that is sonically welded and completely waterproof. Optronics has made a total commitment to designing and manufacturing corrosion-resistant LED lighting products, and 80 percent of Optronics' entire LED product line is produced using solid-state, surface-mount device (SMD) technology. LED lamps using SMD are so resilient, they can continue to function even if their circuit board is completely submerged in water.

The 14 new GloLight lamps for light- and medium-duty trailers include:
  • Mini marker/clearance lamp models MCL190AB (amber) and MCL190RB (red)
  • 2-inch round marker/clearance lamp models MCL155AB (amber) and MCL155RB (red)
  • 2.5-inch round marker/clearance lamp models MCL157AB (amber) and MCL157RB (red)
  • 6-inch oval red stop/turn/tail lamp model STL178RB, designed for surface mount with integrated flange
  • 17-inch streamline red stop/turn/tail lamp model STL179RB
  • Universal style combination tail lamp models STL108RB (passenger side) and STL109RB (driver side, with license lamp)
  • Low-profile combination tail lamp models STL116RB (passenger side) and STL117RB (driver side, with license lamp), designed for marine trailers
  • TLL190RK retail "Try Me" set of two universal-style combination tail lamps with mounting hardware
  • TLL112RK retail "Try Me" set of two 6-inch oval stop/turn/tail lamps with grommets and plugs
Product information is available and can be obtained by contacting Optronics or members of its extensive North American distribution network.

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About Optronics
Founded in 1972, Optronics International is a premier worldwide manufacturer and supplier of branded industrial and commercial vehicular safety lighting products. The company specializes in interior and exterior LED, incandescent and fluorescent lighting for the marine, RV, trailer, HD and transit vehicle markets. Optronics is headquartered in Tulsa Okla., with a manufacturing facility in Muskogee, Okla., and distribution facilities in Elkhart, Ind., and Ontario, Canada.
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